We’re Marvel-lous

Newzera’s 1st excursion — A screening of Shang-Chi

Yes, we really are Marvel-lous!

You probably already know that, with our team moving to the beats of the latest reels and our Secret Santas being all too good at their jobs! But we thought we’d come out and give you a glimpse into just how deep our Marvel-lous-ness really goes. Literally.

We’re also resisting the urge to announce that we’re Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. And even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious, it’s an altogether separate cinematic universe and a story for another day.

Coming back to our Marvel-lous selves. It’s not hard to guess, after looking at all our posters filled with marvel references (even the ones that call for new avengers to join the legion) and the fact that our first excursion was a screening of Shang-Chi, that we’re OBSESSED. Name any character, movie or trope and we’ll Assemble for full fledged intellectual discussions around it all.

Gone are the days when superheroes were for “nerds” and considered uncool. Talking about rock stealing purple aliens, Thanos, we’re looking at you, and 100 year old war veterans is now the new measure of cool. Today, we take pride in being nerdy and super-pride in being able to remember all their dialogues by heart. Whether it’s us looking at our daily tasks and saying ‘We can do this all day’ or prepping for our much awaited launch in the ‘We’re in the Endgame now’ mode, you know we’re dead serious.

But wait! That’s not where our child-like enthusiasm (read obsession) ends. The Marvel Mania runs deep in our Newzer veins. It’s no surprise then, that our common area is called the Infinity Zone, all puns intended, and our teams are named after superheroes.

Tech team is Iron Man of course, Recruitment is Peggy Carter because they start it all, Content writing interns are Team Scarlet Witch, and Copywriters are Team Loki (wonder who called dibs on that).

At the end of the day, though, we’re all super-heroes in our own rights (even the colleague who loves Batman more than Spiderman), working and fighting against all odds, together, as a team.

Marvel unites us ** Spoiler Alert ** across timelines and brings us in conjunction as a family, and that’s all that we’re about. We are Groot and we’re here to fight for what we believe is true.

Don’t believe us?

Well, that won’t do. We’re big believers in the pursuit of the truth, you see. One might even say we’re Captain America when it comes to driving home our point. Which is why we’ll be back, with more sneak peeks into the days and ways of Newzera.

Till then, check out the Newzera website, our core, or to be precise our arc reactor!



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