Small Things

3 min readMar 2, 2021
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Long weary sleepless nights, a side table overcrowded by empty cups of coffee and restless fingers tapping the keys aimlessly. Write, delete, rewrite, delete, write, delete. Call it noise or music, call it a creative process or a manic episode, it’s nothing and it’s everything.
Wondering what I am talking about?

We often talk about passion, goals, the big things of our life that we surrender ourselves to. We toil and grind and fall and get back up for we see that bigger picture. The zenith where we wish to see ourselves. The glitter of what we want. But behind those crimson flames lies the spark that started it all.
The idea. A figment of thoughts. A random bubble of inspiration. Some small things.

Yes, I am talking about the birth of an idea and the frenzy it leaves behind.

Frenzy. An odd word to attribute to the concept of idea. On paper, everything seems so meticulous, neatly organised, one piece after another falling in place, completing the puzzle, bringing the idea into a definite shape. But that’s all that passes the filter.
It’s almost like the perfect play on stage. Proper script, Actors fluent in Shakespearean English delivering soliloquy with an unmatched flair, perfect costumes, precise movements and even a perfectly timed applause. But what goes on behind the stage is frenzy. It may appear chaotic but oh there’s an order in chaos, right?

Everything, from the splendid performance on stage to the frenzied (yes, frenzied) backstage action, is an aftermath (you shouldn’t be surprised at the choice of words, anymore) of a small idea.

A small idea that transforms into a Magnum Opus. A small thing that has the power, capacity and vision to usher in a new era or change the world altogether.

But like how poetry is just a string of words until the poet pours his soul into it, an idea is just a thought until the creator surrenders to its infinite possibilities.

Perhaps, it’s this devotion that begets a genius. The fiery heart that brings them to the edge of invention, the unbridled passion bordering on the lines of madness.

And well, to think of it, geniuses are madmen, afterall. Both pay attention to things that others ignore or believe too small to be significant. Both are driven incessantly for what they believe in, no matter what the world says.
Around those geniuses, madness makes sense. It becomes the fuel to persevere, the muse to create; to go on for days or months or years even, until they bring their idea into existence.

It’s magnanimous how the creator not only weaves a pattern from his thoughts but lives what does not exist. Foreseeing what could be and articulating it into what should be.

While one could only assume what drove a genius to madness, one could never tell what went in those extraordinary minds that led to a genius.

But we can tell you about one idea that’s on its way to genius. The idea which created Newzera.
That small thing led us from nowhere to somewhere. It’s always the first step that’s the trickiest; the first kick-start, the first unhinging of anchor to let the winds guide the sail, that seemingly small distance from zero to one.

And while the evolution of an idea is a thesis in itself, I have just begun.




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