Our 2021 Rewind

Dear Diary

Wondering if we’re a bit early for our 2022 resolution? Well we’ve made no promises to journal-ing daily. All we’re here to do is reflect and introspect on the year gone by.

We could have gone ahead with figure filled drab annual reports but what’s the fun in that. To put our achievements in words and sharing them with you is more our style. Before we turn the page and commence a new chapter, you may consider this our version of Spotify Wrapped (oh, if only life was a playlist). So now that you know we’re going to reminisce about the year gone by, why not begin at the very beginning, unless you prefer remixes of course (we’ve got you covered too).

2021 saw us all brave odds as Covid’s second wave hit us just when we thought the worst was over. But our team stood tall against the storms even while working remotely. As a stealth mode startup, we continued while the pandemic raged outside. Our amazing team helped us achieve all that we had set out to. Not to forget our incredible interns who managed to deliver high impact projects, and we couldn’t have been prouder!

As Covid cases went down (how we all breathed a sigh of relief) we returned on-site. Our very own homecoming! Soon enough, we not only opened our doors to the newest members of our team but also opened new doors as we expanded to 3 offices!

As the team progressed to overcome challenges big and small, we launched our website www.newzera.com (check it out now if you haven’t) and also introduced ourselves to the world of Instagram.

We know, we know, we’re acting like super obsessed new parents showing off their baby to the world, but trust us because we actually have reasons to be proud of ours.

Hence the biggest picture in our (baby’s) album- Newzera’s internal alpha launch!

And we’re not gonna lie, early access to the app gave us a boost to work towards all that is possible. Not to mention the excitement, fun and yes those fan-girling moments we experienced using the app for the first time.

The internal launch was a leap that put us just one step away from showing our work to the world. It was like a culmination of our collective efforts, a day we all had been waiting for (cue- copywriter wipes tears of joy).

And the cherry on top?

The Newzera family grew not only to complement the growth in efforts but also to ameliorate the bond we all share. 2021 was a year that brought us together, quite literally as our team of 25 came to work on-site. From Halloween and Traditional Day dress ups, a Marvel Movie screening to being each other’s Secret Santas, we built friendships, created memories and held those moments close to our hearts.

But this was not all.

We also marked personal milestones together, we’re a family after all. Whether it was our interns successfully graduating, the arrival of new members to work on-site or birthdays and work anniversaries. We were together. Celebrating each other while celebrating with each other.

All in all, our trip down the memory lane has filled us with hope and excitement for all that is yet to come. Until then, we bid adieu to 2021 only to welcome the New Year full of passion and drive, to do what we do best.

Signing off

Newzera’s Team of 2021

P.S. Thank you for reading! But if the ’gram is your thing we have something for you (all you have to do is click here).

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Newzera, is a love child of unflinching belief and vision of a better tomorrow. We’re here to create a world-class platform based on robo-journalism.

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Newzera, is a love child of unflinching belief and vision of a better tomorrow. We’re here to create a world-class platform based on robo-journalism.

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