It’s all in the details.

3 min readApr 12, 2021
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Are you the one who spends that extra time and thoughts in picking just the right shade for your wall. Like some yellows are too yellow and some too mellow? Or you can’t Netflix and chill until you’ve gone through all the options, their descriptions, reviews and ratings? Or you go through a number of similar products on a number of sites but end up buying the one you already had before or only the upgraded version? Well, we are all compulsively obsessed with one thing or the other. And the reason is simple. We seek perfection.

And perfection is all about paying attention to the details. Whether it is choosing the right word to go in a 1000 word long write-up or the secret ingredient that makes your recipe a blockbuster, it’s the details that stand out.

Ask an artist the hours that go behind in searching the right paper for the canvas, the right brushes, the hues. Each stroke of a brush is a careful articulation. Each speck of colour has a purposeful intention hidden underneath.

But artists are just vagabonds in search of ineffability, right? And in that sense, each one of us who seek perfection is an artist.

Think of the greatest artist ever known. I don’t have a name but I know, our cosmos is the art. Even if what we see is just a sliver of light that shines in the majestic cosmos, we now know enough to accept that we’re simply living on a speck of dust afloat in a staggering immensity.

Each time we focus on an infinitesimal detail, we find another world, another universe.

We may not know the boundless possibilities ahead of us; we may not understand the small things yet, but we have certainly learnt not to think small.

We have learnt to pay attention to details. And that’s how we know, we’re on our path to unfold the magnanimity.

One day, when we will unveil Newzera, all the little details that we toiled for will make sense. Call us ridiculous optimists, if you must, but we are stretching our reach to bring to you an unprecedented experience. Until then, we’re simply connecting the dots.

Quite literally so when it comes to our team of coders and designers. More figuratively for our content writers and news curators. Each word is meditated. Each design ruminated. Each code put under the microscope. Countless reviews, trials, reruns and tests but each worth the efforts and hours we put in. Afterall, details cannot be missed.

We aren’t the ones who leave things to chances. Fate may be a romanticised notion but we are here to create our own.

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