3 min readFeb 16, 2021
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Beginnings are underrated. Celebrated, rejoiced and neatly marked on calendars but still underrated. Behind all the jazz and shazz of a blockbuster opening lies countless rotations of earth, ceaseless efforts, vagaries of a restless mind and the spark of flaring passion.

Beginnings are stories in themselves unfolding the saga of grit and valour. Beginnings are the prelude of the symphony you’ve been longing to hear. Before the maestros touch that heavenly note, it’s that prelude which sets the tone and rhythm; that transports you from a crowded room to your own space where art is supreme, surreal and spellbinding.

Beginnings are the blank sheets of paper, where ink kissed ideas come into a form. It is like that untouched mass of cosmos waiting for the big bang which would shape the existence infinitely. A clean slate where history will be written.

See, beginnings are too important to be missed out. And so, as I said, beginnings are underrated. Or perhaps, we are too much in love with them.

And why not? It is the only point from where you move forward. And that’s all what we intend to do. It sure does hold both the fear of the unknown and the elixir of hope. Like any other classics you’d read. Possibly, some of its charm lies in the anticipation it carries along. The thrill of impending and the first flight of imagination.

Remember welcoming 2020? The time when we declared 2020 will be our year? Who would have thought that in less than 2 months the world would crumble into a global pandemic? The unimaginable will become the new normal. A faceless enemy would blow a trumpet, and we’ll all collectively be in the warzone. But it happened.

And more importantly, we emerged out as different people. What seemed like the end of the world actually ended up giving a new beginning. A beginning of new perspectives. A year worth of decades of wisdom.

We learnt to live like we never knew before. We learnt to move on for behind every cloud is a ray of sunshine. We ushered in 2021 with greater hopes and promises to ourselves and for once we feel we’ve earned every single second of it.

No wonder, the air of 2021 feels different. It’s buzzing with excitement. Even more so for us. Why more for us? Well, you see, our story or shall we say, Newzera’s story has already started but the big beginning is around the corner.

What was born as a vision (you know it’s worthy, Thor himself agreed!), chased like a dream is now draping into a revolutionary form. For us, the wonders of Newzera have already begun and it is time we start raising the curtain for you too. But one step at a time.

So, welcome to our beginning. It’s the one you would love to savour.




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